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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apologies to Paul Balmer

About four years ago, my daughter took her daughter to New York for her 8th birthday.  Mimi (wonderful grandmother that I am) got to tag along on this fabulous trip.  While we were there we went to galleries in Soho and saw some wonderful streeet artists, and -- Paul Balmer.  I was immediately in love with his work.  Enormous paintings of New York - buildings and bridges -- layers of color, line that made my heart sing.

I could not get his paintings out of my mind, so when we returned home, I went to my studio and began to create my version of Paul's New York.  This is a rice paper painting done with about 20 layers of casein and ink.  Not nearly as magnificent as his, but one of my favorites.  Check out his web site at www.paulbalmer.com

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  1. You're blog is wonderful!!! Love this painting, too and your snow painting below is fabulous! Keep up the good work! See you next month!



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