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Sunday, October 31, 2010

San Miguel de Allende

I found this new blog - thevirtualpaintout.blospot.com where you use Google streetview to browse around the world and find things to paint. This painting was created using that link to San Miguel de Allende. Because of all the craziness in Mexico now, I'll probably never get to see this beautiful city, but it was really fun to find this spot and paint it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Anderson Mill

I got to go plein air painting with Austin Plein Air last week. Anderson Grist Mill near Lake Travis was the location. The group is great to be with - very accomplished artists who share their knowledge freely. I had a wonderful time, and will definitely join them again.
I like this painting because it is so loose and spontaneous - qualities that are hard to get in the studio.

Bedroom is where you find it

Spanky spends about 8 hours a day sleeping in this chair. He is the epitomy of couch potato, and a boy after my own heart. We try to be more active, but the chair beckons after a day at work. This is my first foray into oil painting after a really long absence. Now I remember why I love working in oil so much. There is such richness that you can't get with acrylics, and it's a forgiving medium.


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I was married - for a really long time to the most interesting man in the world - Wayne Harmon. He is gone now, but never forgotten. We have one child, and two amazing grandchildren. I've been painting all my life, and consider myself a born teacher and a story teller.