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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Painting in the Park with Polly Jackson

These paintings were done in my painting class with Polly Jackson, the last (for a while)  in the series of painting in the parks.  It's getting way too hot to paint outside in the afternoon!  The sweat runs in your eyes, you have to wear sunglasses to paint in, your paint dries in about 5 minutes on the pallet, and your point of view changes with the movement of the sun.  Not withstanding all of the above, I still love it!

These magnificent live oaks are in Little Stacy Park in south Austin.  Some trees just beg to be painted.  It's no wonder that Austinites are so passionate about their trees.


  1. i like the light and dark juxtaposition in prickly pears

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mira. This painting was done from a newspaper clipping - grey tones, but it looks just like the when the sun is setting on my back yard.

    I'm enjoying your blog as well. Thanks for following.

  3. The paintings are beautiful. Love the work.



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